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The Soul of Music in Anxious Times

This will be a short post this week. Given that everyone is overwhelmed with COVID-19 news, I just wanted to remind people to find ways to calm their anxieties. Yoga and meditation help me, but so does music.

Think about what types of music bring a smile to your face, or peace to your heart. Listen to your preferred songs. There is no best type. My husband gravitates to classic rock. His brother and wife like country. My kids prefer contemporary music as well as an eclectic mix of oldies. Some of my friends listen to pop, Elvis, doo wop, and a host of alternatives.

There are songs in each genre I like. But my go-to for calming myself is usually New Age.  Here is a list of some of my favorites, with a link to YouTube for each. (I even included a couple of soft rock titles that strike me in the same way New Age music does.)