I continue to laugh, seek imagination, and build new dreams. Here are the old and new dreams of my life.

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”

  Walt Disney

During her corporate career, Linda held positions with VEREX Assurance, Wm. C Brown Publishers, and Lear-Siegler, Inc. Before that, she ranked among the top-20 outstanding educators in UW-Eau Claire.


At UW-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business, her job encompassed corporate trainer and program director. She taught over 10,000 managers from the US and internationally. Among the clients were Trane Commercial Systems, TIAA-CREF, GE Medical, Siemens, Metso Automation, Nokia (Beijing) and J.F. Pearson (Shanghai). Linda led workshops in Poland and Hungary. She addressed Fudan University’s MBA forum in Shanghai. She filled the role of keynote speaker or session leader at many conferences. Organizers included BAI’s School of Retail Banking, the Product Development and Management Association, CUES Leadership Institute, the Professional Pricing Society, and the World Future Society.


The Association of International Product Marketing and Management recognized Linda with the Excellence in Thought Leadership for The Product Manager’s Handbook. Besides that title, Linda wrote The Product Manager’s Field Guide, The Manager’s Guide to Distribution Channels, and Business Model Renewal. Her Short-Read series (books with fewer than 100 pages) includes Product Management 101 and Product Strategy & Tactics.She authored business articles for trade magazines and academic journals. Publications included the Journal of Product & Brand Management, Business Marketing, Marketing News, the Journal of International Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, the Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, and Engineering Management Journal.


Now into Career 2.0, Linda is exploring creative expressions through fiction writing, yoga instruction, and meditation coaching.