Meet Linda Gorchels

Thanks for stopping to meet me!

Linda GorchelsI’ve helped thousands of people (actually more than 10,000 people) update their “knowledge systems.” Think about it. You routinely upgrade your computer system, but do you continually rejuvenate your brain? I try to help people do just that. Both in person and by providing “brain snacks” on my website.

For 25 years I was part of the UW-Madison management education faculty.  I worked hard to make “academic” principles accessible to professionals in their everyday jobs.And from what I’ve been told, my efforts were pretty successful.

Not only that, I learned new ideas from my classes — from you — and shared these ideas with others. (It was sort of a crowd-sharing function before the internet made that much easier!) Now I am an emerita director and continue to share ideas as well as reinvent myself.

I’ve won some awards  and have written several books. (The number keeps changing, but you can see them on Amazon).  I have copies of these books translated into quite a few languages that I’m not really sure what to do with!They represent what I have learned from providing training to companies in the United States, China and Europe.

And I worked in a bunch of companies before I started at the university. But that’s ancient history at this point.

Now it’s time to reinvent myself. I’ m slowly turning myself into a blogger, mystery author and Creativity Curator for my own company, Tomorrow’s Mysteries, LLC.